Sentry Pool Valve

  • Accurate Surge Level Control
  • Auto Water Re-fill
  • Save and stabilize water chemistry

Superior Modulating Float Valve

The only valve on the market that automatically modulates the
balance of main drain and gutter water accurately

energy Maximum control of water balance

Perfectly balanced surge tanks allow gutters to work like they were always intended to do

control Saves water, energy & chemicals

Eliminating the risk of surge overflow into waste and consistent blending of make-up water will help every pool save necessary resources

energy No electric or pneumatic sensors or power

Removing as little as five gallons of pool water is enough to affect the float, and open the main drain and water make-up valves

diamond More Accurate water testing due to constant blending

By not over diluting the pool water, the water chemistry is more stable and easier to manage

control Longer durability via 304 stainless steel construction

We are so confident in the valves durability that we offer an industry leading lifetime warranty on all Sentry Pool Valve components

control Only periodic maintenance is required

Cleaning the valve every year will help keep it working for the life of your pool


Sentry Modulating
Control Valve. Perfect
for Surge Tanks

Accurate surge tank level setting eliminates unnecessary overflow waste to sanitary


Rely on Sentry Pool Valve’s
durability and save on frequent
maintenance costs


Sentry Pool Valve Line Up

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