Natural Gas Pool Heaters

The Highest Efficiency in the Industry
A Best in Class Pool Heater that Delivers

Sentry Natural Gas
High Efficiency Pool Heaters

energy Reduced downtime

If one burner is not working others will still operate

control Flexible installation options

Wall hung or floor mount design, indoor or outdoor installation

energy Multi-pool possibility

Heat multiple pools with different set temperatures on one system

diamond True 98% efficiency

Save energy and lower fuel costs

control Compact footprint

Allowing for smaller mechanical rooms

Sentry Heat Exchanger
Unique & Trouble-Free

Gas Pool Heaters with
Closed Loop Heat
Exchanger System

Minimize corrosion to the heating units and maximize efficiency by using a separate heat exchanger unit. Harsh pool water never contacts heater internals.

Titanium Plate & Frame Exchanger

Submersible Stainless Steel Surge Tank Exchanger

Sentry Pool Heater Rack

With rising energy costs, 98% thermal efficiency means these pool heaters pay for themselves.

A Higher Standard

The Sentry Pool Heater is tested and certified to meet or exceed NSF 50 standards, and is UL listed in Canada and USA. All in the name of health, safety, and performance.


Sentry Pool Heaters Line Up

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